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Our ambition was not to create a mere business leaders ( for the first two prefectures, the Ilias and Achaias - Greece and then for Western Greece and for the whole space ), but this Leaders to bring to a business cooperation with our registered companies, mainly with foreign companies.

So we came to the idea of IOnIS ( Internet Online Information System ).

The services we offer are:

1. Any interested quickly find your business, and convenient, with enough Information about your activities and by different types of search.
2. Registration of your company on IOnIS also in many international lists, in which various types are sought by business collaborations and partnerships.
This is our main goalς.
3. Web design (and re-design), programming, design & hosting of websites that are modern and with functional technologies.
4. Design-build your own online shop, with myriad features, so you and your customers very comfortable can control everything Irish, whereby all transactions run in absolute security awareness. Watch our own shop by clicking here